Computer Network

Computer Network

Information Technology.

The use of information technology in every field of life is increasing with the passage of time. It is very important for students as well as common people to know the latest concepts of information technology to compete in world. Proficiency in information technology is very important to apply it effectively in different fields for betterment.
The concept of information technology from IT series is a Multiple Choices Question that is written to provide students with firm foundation in computer, information technology and the use of information technology in variety of fields the readers would be able to understand computer software hardware and internet the Multiple choices question is written for all levels of proficiency in commuter and information technology.
All important aspect of the Multiple choices question is its effectiveness for examination of all type it
contains Thousands of multiple choices. These multiple choices will enable the students to get high marks in All type of examination and test for job and further qualification.

Data Communication and Computer Network.

Data communication is a process of transferring data electronically from one place to another. Data can be transferred by using different media. Data is collection of raw facts and figures. It may consist of text, graphics and sounds etc. an electromagnetic or light wave used to transmit data form one place to another is called a signal. Propagation of signals across a communication medium is called signaling. Communication of data form one place to another place in the form of signals is called transmission.

                                         While the computer network is a consists of two or more computers that are connected together to share information and resources. The resources may include printers, hard disks, scanners or program etc. the computers in the network care connected together through communication media. The communication media can be a physical cable or a wireless connection the computer is network can be in the same room building or a different place.  
After completing the Data Communication and Computer Network Online Test Through Online Test management system, you will be able to Understand,
  • Data communication
  • Data transmission modes
  • Forms of data transmission
  • Types of data transmission
  • Uses of communications technologies
  • Computer network
  • Types of computer network
  • Wireless network
  • Client and server
  • Network topology
  • Network standards and protocol
  • Network communication technologies and much more