English Grammar Basic to Advanced in Urdu-Hindi

What you will learn

  • To speak and write English with MORE confidence.
  • To understand English easier.
  • All vital English grammar topics.
  • How to use English grammar in real life situations.
  • Improve your speaking, listening, and writing with English grammar.
  • Memorize the verb structures.
  • All English grammar to sound fluent.
  • Better Pronunciation
  • Have a deeper knowledge of the structure of English grammar.

Course Outline


After completing this English grammar Course (Basic to Advance) Online Video Training Course in Urdu and Hindi, you will be master in English grammar and will be able to learn other advanced level courses related to English grammar because English grammar is very strong language in whole world and it is a root for understanding other higher-level courses.

If you are a beginner for English this is the best course for you it will helps you to understand from basic to advance level.

This course will help you understand basic and advance concepts about English grammar Language. After completing this course, you will able to improve your English speaking, writing, and reading skills and also be able to make good score in your exams as it will covers the topics all the basic necessarily topics from exams perspective.



English grammar course is the strongest language to learn in this course you will take 38 videos of English grammar course to take your English from basic/intermediate to advance where you will be able to use tenses perfectly in your daily life. The goal for making these video lessons for different levels like for beginners, pre-intermediate, advanced level to help them in improving their concepts easily. These lectures contain topics for all levels plus practice where you can improve your English grammar step by step



Before starting this course, you should have of Following stuff.

  • Interest.
  • Pen
  • Copy
  • Hardworking for Practice


You are hereby advised to visit www.virtualacademy.pk and get yourself certified in English Grammar, furthermore you'll have to meet the following criteria for earning this particular Registered Certification.


  • You will have to complete all 38 lessons through the Virtual Academy Online Learning Management System at www.virtualacademy.pk.
  • Every lesson has 3 to 5 quizzes, which you must have to pass with 70% marks.
  • You need to submit your project/assignments on time.
  • After completion of Virtual Academy offered English Grammar lessons via www.virtualacademy.pk Online Learning Management System there will be final exam which comprises of 50 to 100 questions.

After having an assessment of your account with www.virtualacademy.pk whether you meet all the above terms and conditions, then we will dispatch your Certificate/Diploma at your given address.


Course Outline

1.     Introduction

  • English Grammar
  • Word
  • Phrase
  • Clause
  • Sentence
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


2.     Parts of Speech | Nouns

  • What is Noun and its types
  • Proper Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Singular Noun
  • Plural Noun
  • Countable Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


3.     Parts of Speech | Pronouns

  • What are Pronouns and its types
  • Pronouns with little story
  • Personal Pronoun
  • Demonstrative Pronoun
  • Possessive Pronoun
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


4.     Parts of Speech | Adjectives

  • Adjective and its types
  • Adjective of Quality
  • Adjective of Quantity
  • Demonstrative Adjective
  • Adjective of Comparison
  • Exercise Questions and Answers



5.     Parts of Speech | Verbs

  • Verb Introduction and its Types
  • Verb categories
  • Regular verbs
  • Irregular verbs
  • Active and Passive
  • Auxiliary Verbs
  • Finite and Non-finite verbs
  • Transitive and intransitive Verbs
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


6.     Parts of Speech | Adverbs

  • Adverbs and Its Types
  • Adverbs of time
  • Adverbs of place
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • Adverbs of Opinion
  • Adverbs of Degree
  • Adverbs of Manner
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


7.     Parts of Speech | Articles

  • Articles and Its Types
  • The Definite Articles
  • The Indefinite Articles
  • Zero Articles
  • Articles Rules
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


8.     Parts of Speech | Prepositions

  • Prepositions and Its Types
  • Prepositions of Times
  • Prepositions of Place
  • Prepositions of Direction
  • Preposition of Reason
  • Prepositions of Connection
  • Prepositions of Device
  • Preposition of Agency
  • Preposition of Origin
  • Preposition of Adverbs
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


9.     Parts of Speech | Conjunctions

  • Conjunctions and Its Types
  • Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Subordinating Conjunctions
  • Correlative Conjunctions
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


10.  Parts of Speech | Interjection

  • Interjection and Its Types
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


11. Tenses and Aspects

  • Overview of Tenses
  • Structure of Tenses
  • Present indefinite Tense with examples
  • Past Indefinite Tense with examples
  • Future Indefinite Tense with examples
  • Present Continuous Tense with examples
  • Past Continuous Tense with examples
  • Future Continuous Tense with examples
  • Present Perfect Tense with examples
  • Past Perfect Tense with examples
  • Future Perfect Tense with examples
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense with examples
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense with examples
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense with examples
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


12. Active and Passive Voice

  • Introduction
  • Important rules for Making Active and Passive Voice
  • Guided Practice
  • Short Story
  • Independent Practice
  • Exercise Questions and Answers


13. Direct and Indirect Speech

  • Introduction
  • What is Narration
  • Assertive Direct Statement
  • Interrogative Direct Statements
  • Imperative Direct Statements
  • Rules for Conversion and Implementation
  • Exercise Questions and Answers



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