AutoCAD Architecture 2017 Complete Training

What you will learn

  • You will be able to understand the important tools of AutoCAD.
  • Get familiar with AutoCAD.
  • You will be able to draw section sections and elevations.
  • You will be able to draw floor plans.
  • Designing outstanding 2D Floor Plans.
  • Creating 3D Model in AutoCAD.
  • Create 2D and 3D model accurate and faster with the help of shortcut keys.

Course Outline


After completing the AutoCAD Architecture 2017 (Basic to Advance) Online Video Training Course in Urdu and Hindi, you will be able to navigate, personalize, working on different drafting or annotation workplace and manage or control the user interface and make the basic to advance Architecture Drawings and 3D Modelling with the help of different architectural tools such as Modify tools, Draw tools, Annotations tools, Layers. Make and inserts blocks, line or Draw shape properties, Group, utilities, clipboard) you also manage projects, manage multiple drawing and inter-drawing relationships using the Autodesk 360, Express tools in projects. This course makes your concepts about architectural drafting theory and practical.

This course is divided into three sections.

1st Section: Basic Tools

First section is the basic tools of AutoCAD architecture, in this section we will discuss about introduction of AutoCAD drafting, types of drafting, first user interface, and how to use unit and limits command, all 2D and 3D commands in AutoCAD Architecture. in this section we covered 1st 45 Lessons. In these 45 Lessons we practically discuss about uses of draw Commands, Modify Commands, Layer Options, Dimensions, Annotations, Blocks, Properties, Groups, Utilities, Clipboard, views, parametric, Manage, output and much more.

2nd Section: 3D Modelling

Second section is the 3D Modelling tools of AutoCAD Architecture. In this section we will discuss about all types of 3D Modelling tools, their functions and uses, such as (3D Modelling, Mesh Modelling, Solid Editing, 3D draws, 3D object Modifying, Selection, Coordinates, Cutting, Filters, gizmo tools, Solid Primitive, Boolean, Surface editing, control vertices, curves and much more) in this section we covered 15 Lessons.

3rd Section: Making Projects

Third section is the project section of AutoCAD Architecture; in this section we will make 20 Architecture projects. Which include (drafting of single and multi-storey Buildings, Sections and Elevations, Foundations, Convert 2D Drawings into 3D, Making 3D Roof, Stair, Round Stair, 3D Doors, Windows, Main Gate, Shading, Add Materials, Lightings, Cameras and much more.


AutoCAD is the combination of two words Auto and CAD auto mean automatic and CAD mean computer aided Design or Drafting. AutoCAD is a 2-D and 3-D computer-aided drafting software application used in architecture, construction and manufacturing to assist in the preparation of engineering plans.


Before starting this course, you should have a working knowledge of Following:

  • Basic Concept of Architecture Drafting,2D plan, Drawings, Section, elevation and foundation.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Internet Basic

This training is compatible with windows XP, Window 7, Window 8, Window 8.1, Window 10. MAC operating system.



You are hereby advised to visit and get yourself certified in AutoCAD, furthermore you'll have to meet the following criteria for earning this particular Registered Certification.

  • You will have to complete all 80 lessons through Virtual Academy Online Learning Management System at
  • Every lesson has 3 to 5 quizzes, which you must have to pass with 70% marks.
  • You need to submit your project/assignments on time.
  • After completion of Virtual Academy offered AutoCAD lessons via Online Learning Management System there will be final exam which comprises of 50 to 100 questions.

After having assessment of your account with whether you meet all the above terms and conditions, then we will send your Certificate/Diploma at your given address.


Course Contents


1.       Getting Started with AutoCAD

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Drafting and its Types
  • Download and Installation of AutoCAD Architecture
  • Workplace Customization
  • First User Interface
  • Understanding Co-ordinate system
  • Set Unit Scale and Limits
  • Status bar settings
  • Zooming
  • Opening New and Existing File
  • Viewing
  • Saving and Editing Your Projects
  • Drawing History Procedure
  • Questions and Answers


2.       Drawing and Editing the Objects

  • Drawing Lines
  • Drawing and Editing Polyline
  • Construction Line
  • Spline
  • Ray
  • Drawing vertical and Horizontal Lines
  • Arc and its types
  • Circle and types of circles
  • Diameter and radius
  • Draw Angular Line
  • Drawing and editing Rectangle
  • Drawing and editing Polygon
  • Drawing and editing Donut
  • Drawing and editing Helix
  • Points and revision Clouds
  • Finding distance, radius and angle and co-ordinates
  • Quick measure tools
  • Finding area
  • Isometric drawings
  • Centerline and center mark tools
  • Region and Boolean operations
  • Questions and Answers


3.       Modifying the Objects

  • Selection objects for Modifying
  • Moving the objects
  • Copying
  • Rotating the objects
  • Scaling objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Trimming the objects
  • Extending objects
  • Stretching objects
  • Creating fillet
  • Creating chamfers
  • Offsetting objects
  • Creating Arrays of Objects
  • Exploding the object
  • Polyline editing
  • Spline editing
  • Break and Join
  • Lengthen and Reverse
  • Dividing and Measuring the Objects
  • Cut copy and pasting the objects
  • Questions and Answers


4.       Project Creating and Simple Drawing

  • Creating simple Drawing
  • Creating Simple Projects
  • Selection and Editing
  • Questions and Answers


5.       Status Bar toggles

  • Grid and Snap
  • Polar and Ortho Mode
  • Dynamic Input
  • Objects Snap tracking
  • Drawing with Snap and Grid
  • Questions and Answers


6.       3D Modelling Commands

  • Add 3D Modelling Workplace in AutoCAD
  • 3d Modelling
  • 3D Box
  • Draw 3D Cylinder shape
  • Draw Cone Shape
  • Draw Sphere shape
  • Draw Pyramid Shape
  • Extrude and loft
  • Revolving the 3D Object
  • Sweep
  • Poly solid
  • Planner surface
  • Press Pull Object
  • Smooth Object
  • Union, Subtract and Intersect
  • Interfere slice and thicken
  • Extract edges
  • Imprint
  • Color and Copy Edges
  • Working on 3D Faces
  • Separate, Clean, Shell and Check Command
  • Selection, Sub object and convert
  • Add Material and Texture in 3D solid objects
  • Working on Light and Render
  • Sun and Location
  • Working on Camera, Animation and Render
  • Working on All Panels in View Tab
  • Questions and Answers


7.       Drawing Properties

  • Assigning object colour and Line type
  • Assigning Line weight and Transparency
  • Checking Object Properties
  • Model Space viewports
  • Creating name views
  • Matching properties
  • Questions and Answers

8.       Hatching and Gradients

  • Creating basic hatches
  • Set origin and Associative hatch
  • Using advance hatch features
  • Boundary and Wipeout features
  • Creating gradient
  • Questions and Answers


9.       Dimensioning and Annotations

  • Creating Basic Dimensions
  • DIM command
  • DIM Scale command
  • Modifying dimensions
  • Creating dimension style
  • Continue dimensions
  • Baseline and ordinate dimensions
  • Adding tolerance and dual dimensioning
  • Feature control frame
  • Leader and multileader
  • Multileader style
  • Modifying multileader
  • Questions and Answers


10.   Managing drawing with layers

  • Creating and assigning layers
  • Using layer properties manager
  • Working with layer states and layer walk
  • Layer filter
  • Layer merging
  • Deleting layer
  • Quick access layer tools
  • Hiding and isolating object
  • Questions and Answers


11.   Working With Text and Table

  • Creating single line text
  • Creating text style
  • Creating multiline text
  • Creating and formatting table
  • Creating table style
  • Adding fields and formular in table
  • Exporting and importing table to Ms Excel
  • Questions and Answers


12.   Layout Settings

  • Creating layouts
  • Working on layouts
  • Creating layout viewports
  • Guidelines for layouts
  • Questions and Answers


13.   Working with Blocks and Groups

  • Creating simple blocks
  • Inserting blocks
  • Block palette
  • Modifying and Redefining blocks
  • Inheritance in blocks
  • Creating and using groups
  • Group managers
  • Questions and Answers


14.   Using Attributes

  • Making and modifying attributes
  • Creating and inserting attributes block
  • Using fields as block attributes
  • Attribute’s manager
  • Extracting attributes data
  • Questions and Answers


15.   Parametric feature

  • Introduction to parametric drawing
  • Infer constraints and out constraints
  • Using geometric constraints
  • Using dimensional constraints
  • Using parameters manager
  • Questions and Answers


16.   Dynamic Blocks

  • Understanding dynamic blocks
  • Creating dynamic blocks from simple blocks
  • Making and changing dynamic blocks properties
  • Adding points and rotation parameters
  • Making dynamic block with constraints
  • Adding multiple constraints to dynamic block
  • Visibility parameters
  • Block table in dynamic block
  • Array action in dynamic block
  • Questions and Answers


17.   Layout Printing and Publishing

  • Paper space or layout
  • Page setup
  • Making and clipping viewport
  • Setting scale of objects in viewports
  • Managing layer visibility in viewports
  • Inserting title block and ruler in layout
  • Plotting from model space with proper scale
  • Plotting a drawing from layout
  • Color plot style in table
  • Named plot style table
  • Questions and Answers


18.   Sheet Set

  • Introduction to sheet set
  • Creating views in model drawings
  • Making title block and template
  • Making label block
  • Making callout block
  • Creating sheet set from scratch
  • Adding sheet views
  • Adding callout blocks
  • Exporting sheet set
  • Publishing sheet set
  • Questions and Answers


19.   Customization and Advance tools

  • Autodesk design review tool
  • Shared view tool
  • DWG compare tool
  • Improve DWG compare tool
  • Making Custom AutoCAD Panel
  • Layer translator and Action recorder tool
  • Design center tool of AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD tool palettes
  • Quick select tool
  • Express tool
  • Troubleshooting drawings and AutoCAD Workspace
  • Update
  • AutoCAD web and Mobile Tool
  • Questions and Answers


20.   Projects 2D & 3D

  • Draw Simple Floor Plan Drawing
  • Add Door and Window
  • Add hatching and texture
  • Add dimension and texts
  • Add furniture
  • Making Front elevation
  • Making door and window in front elevations
  • Making Multistorey Front Elevation
  • Converting 2D drawing to 3D
  • Working on 3D walls
  • Subtract Window and Doors
  • Working on 3D Roof
  • Working on 3D railing
  • Making 3D Stairs
  • Making Round 3D Stair
  • Creating Different types of Stairs
  • Working on 3D Windows
  • Creating 3D Doors
  • Applying Glass and Wood Materials on Window
  • Applying Glass and Wood Materials on Doors
  • Working on 3D Floor
  • Creating Multistorey Building
  • Working on Door Stairs and Car Porch areas
  • Creating different styles of Roof.
  • Finishing the Projects
  • Questions and Answers


21.   Final Exam and Certification




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