YouTube monetization and partner program.

Nowadays people are making lacks and even millions on YouTube, just by uploading their videos. Yeah, it is true!!! If they are earning, you can also earn. You don’t have to do hard work. Instead, you have to do smart work. Thus, to make a handsome amount of money using YouTube monetization and partner program is available for you. Keep reading this article to know how you can do it.

You can earn money from YouTube now. To do it, you have to follow these steps.

Create a channel on YouTube.

Set up your channel.

Attach an AdSense account for payments.

Then you have to wait until your monetization is active.

When monetization is active, you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

Now choose the videos you want to monetize.

Monetize your videos.

Gain an audience.

Market your videos elsewhere, Get the legal views and watch time.

Earn money.

Choose the hot topics:

You have to choose trending topics for your videos. I recommend making your videos in English, Because English is an international language so choosing it will help you engage the audience from each and every part of the world. Also, choose the topics that can attract the US people. The reason behind is you can get good worth due to their currency value.

Make long and attractive title.

Make long but interesting title to attract your customers. Moreover, Use primary and related keywords in the title to make it available.

Write the detailed description.

Write a clear and detailed description related to your video to tell the viewers what your video is all about. Use SEO tools to analyze the related key words and include all in your description.

ADD tags.

Do SEO research and find tags for your video. You can use tools to do this research.

How to get paid.

You have to reach the payment threshold before you can start getting paid. That limit varies from country to country because currency matters a lot. In the US. For example, you have to make $100 to get the amount you earned. After reaching there, you will be getting your payment every month around the 21st.

Also, the amount you get by views depends on the currency of audience. In the US you can get $1 for 50 to 100 views, but in India or Pakistan, you have to get 1000 to 2000 views to get $1.

Benefits of the YouTube Partner Program.

  • You can engage the audience from all over the world with your monetized content as YouTube is the largest online video community. In this way, your earning potential will be increased.
  • There is no restriction regarding the platform you are sharing your videos. You can gain extreme flexibility.
  • They provide you stats and analytics so you can analyze the details of your performance such as your watch time, audience retention, percentage viewed, average watch time and much more.


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