Top 10 reasons stop you from making money online.

You probably heard enough about making money online. You are may be interested in making money online but I am showing you the real picture. We will discuss “Top 10 Reasons which Stop You from Making Money Online” today so that you can analyze well that online work is suitable for you or not at all. Many people cannot tolerate the online work due to the reasons we are going to discuss.

Our purpose is not to discourage you. Instead, we are taking a closer look at the facts. 


If you are a lazy person, then you cannot earn money online. People say it bad luck but I say it that it’s not the bad luck, it is simply a work ethic issue due to which they are failing. Many people think that it could be easy to work online and they will be succeeded without much effort. Yeah, scammers do it and earning money by doing nothing but if you are not willing to put on the require time and effort to work you should stop doing online practices.

People are Not Serious.

Many people want to make money, but they are not seriously doing it. They still don’t believe that they will earn money. Thus, in turn, they don’t pay serious attention. If you are planning it in a right way, be serious and seek opportunities by legal resources. Surely, you will make money because online earning is a serious business. But if you are not serious you can’t earn money online.

Lack of Passion.

Every great thing requires passion. It is indeed passion who make you winning everywhere. But if you are not passionate you are wasting your time and efforts. And you know what online work requires a positive energy so have passion if you are interested in making money online. But if you are not passionate you fail to do any online work.

Lack of Knowledge, abilities & Skills.

Nowadays in-depth knowledge is must to be successful anywhere in the world. You have to develop excellent knowledge, Abilities, and skills in order to earn money online. You can learn from the Internet and can enhance your skills, but if you lack it, you can’t make money online.


Each type of online work requires consistency and continuous efforts. If you did something great in the past but then quit you can’t get the worth of your past work. You have to work consistently to make a good will and right amount of money on a regular basis. But if you are not consistent you can’t make money online.

Lack of Patience.

The most important quality for online earning is patience. If you are not patient enough, there is no place for you in online earning. Sometimes, you have to wait for a long time to get the money in your hand. Therefore, you must have a lot of patience if you want to make money online. And of course, your career as a freelancer would never be successful if you don’t have the habit of patience.

Unrealistic Expectations.

The secret to a great success is not to expect anything from people. If you are doing any project online, you have to clear your mind that it’s your project and you have to do it all alone. If you expect nothing from others, you will be doing hard work in research and labor of your project. You cannot earn money online if you expect help from others. The Partnership is a different thing, though.

No Clear Goal.

People usually ask from others what can I do? It’s really strange. How can someone tell you what you are passionate to do and what is suitable or comfortable for you to do.? It’s, of course, your business to think and analyze what your capabilities are and do the search on the Internet about it and you will get the answer of it. You can have a successful career online but if you don’t have any clear goal or path you cannot make money online.

No Ethics – No Rules.

If you are following the copyright rules, you can have a bright future in online work. Because they don’t allow you to do any unethical or illegal thing. But if you don’t follow the ethics and rules of copyrights then you can’t make money online.

Doing Too Many Things.

You know what the master of all is not good in anything. Means to say that you can’t handle too many things simultaneously. Nowadays things got to change and updated dramatically. So you have to focus on one thing. It happens that you learned something tomorrow but today it is entirely different, and that skill is no longer useful. That’s why you have to concentrate on very few skills like 1 or 2 to be perfect in it. Too many things will make you totally smashed, and you will ruin your career as a freelancer.  Turn your passion into the profit and do one thing with heart instead of doing many things poorly. So I must say that you can’t make money if you are not concentrating on your skills or you are not doing the right decision at the right time.


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