Top 15 best freelance websites to find jobs.

Do you want to be independent and don’t want to be under anyone? Do you want to get the freedom? Suggest you that be a freelancer. You can find many guides to know much about freelancing but keep reading this article to know about the higher paid opportunities. In U.S it’s a trend today to be a freelancer. Due to the success of online businesses many people want to get the freedom and work passingly in the area of their interest. You can find hundreds of jobs and can make your customers loyal to you by doing quality services, and you can have a bright career as a freelancer.  
Here are some great websites to find work as a freelancer:


The old name of Upwork was oDesk and almost 5 million registered client work here. Moreover, you can get offers for all type of online projects. No matter you are searching for a short or long term, full paid project or hourly fees, you can end your search there by finding some work for you. If you are not the expert in your field, still you can find a place for work at upwork.


As it name indicates, it is designed for freelancers to test their skills and earn money through their passion. You can have one or many projects at the same time here.


Toptal is a site for talented and skillful software engineer, so if you are a software engineer, you can work as a freelancer on Toptal. Pass your interview and set your desired rate for your job. Clients want the satisfaction, and they will be willing to pay for your great work.


If you are a good graphic designer, you can work on 99designs to create outstanding designs. It is an easy way to earn money as designing is fun to do, so prove yourself and win clients.


They analyze your average work hours and provide better opportunities for you. You can find a variety of work on Guru such as legal services, finance, and management, etc.

Demand Media Studios.

This is a great platform for creative freelancers. Many professionals such as editors, filmmakers, and photographers can find work here.

Authentic Jobs.

As its name implies, you can find genuine jobs there. Many professionals such as backend developers, project managers, and content strategists can use their skills to make money on authentic jobs.


If you are a developer or technologist, you can work on GetACoder. You can find many jobs according to your area of interest.

WP Hired.

If you’re a WordPress pro and want to work as a freelancer, then try WP Hired. There is a category for freelancers, and they can work from everywhere. The type of job ranges from small projects to redesigns.

Problogger Jobs.

It is a Board nature job for bloggers. You can find WordPress and tech-related jobs here to work as a freelancer.


It is also a board nature role for design agency Heydeys, photographer Terry Richardson, and creative director Eric Hoffman.

Stack Overflow Careers.

Here you can either find contract or full-time positions. It is the fruitful opportunity for developers and engineers.

Freelance Writing Gigs. 

It is one of the vast place for writer or editor, publisher, and blogger.

Hubstaff Talent.

They search for the talent freelancers around the world. Thus, if you have talents, you can find work for you.

We Work Remotely.

You can discover the job according to your need and interest on we work remotely. They have opportunities for web designers, developers, or marketers.


No matter you are a student or professional freelancer with good writing, programming, or designing skills you can join any of the platform explained above. Start your career now as a freelancer. 


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