How to publish a book on Amazon Kindle and earn money.

I got to know an interesting thing recently, and that is you can guide people in the purchase of many products on It is really an important thing because it provides viewers the easy access to valuable information. I see it as an opportunity for many people to earn money with Amazon Kindle books. Also, I noticed that it is a straightforward to do and you will be generating income for a long-term. Over the past years, many new writers, publishers, and authors are earning a handsome amount of money by taking advantage of the Amazon Kindle platform. The productive part of it is that we can start making income by self-publishing e-books.

How it works:

You can start earning money with really simple steps. Sign up for your free KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account. It is necessary to have KDP account to add any new book. All you have to do is choose an effective title for your book, name of the author, description, upload a cover, upload your e-book file, select your book price, and then publish it. They will review your book before publishing and will make available on Amazon for sale around the world.  The selling and marketing will be done by the Amazon, and they will pay you up to 70% for every sale. Sounds good. Okay?
They pay you because of the effort you will put. You have to bring a new idea. You have to select the winning title and design the creative cover for your book. There is no restriction that you have to write your own book; you can hire professionals for this work. Now you can market your Kindle book for getting reviews and optimizing it for optimal sales.
Amazon does the marketing and promotion of your book and delivers it to your customers.  They give you support in each matter such as payment processing, potential refunds or customer support inquiries and it depends on the sales and reviews of your book. The more you get sales and reviews the more they will promote it. 

How much I get after every sale?  

There are two ways: 35% and 70%.  If you are getting $2.99 to $9.99, your book qualifies for 70%. But if it varies from $0.99 to $200 you will be getting 35% royalty. It all depends on the popularity and reviews.


It is the most important thing for the success of your Kindle book. You must have to see the great niche or market that book is in as we all know that the competition is so high nowadays so choose the topic that is hot and can get liberal views. In my opinion, choose a category which has week competition and decent-sized market.
You have to think about it and analyze the best thing and make a list. You can have the fiction ideas if you want to create a fiction book. Hire someone to help you or brainstorm some plot ideas or topics such as thriller, mystery, romance, or even a children’s book!

Your list could look something like this.

  • Beauty
  • Weight Loss
  • Photography
  • Getting Rid Of Stress
  • Parenting
  • Stock Trading
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • Acne
  • Dog Training
  • Binge Eating
  • Self-Confidence.

I think now you got the idea. It’s just an example. This list would give you the idea that which topic is the practical means large market and low competition and chose from it. 


Analyze the market for your book idea on Amazon. If you wrote a book without analyzing the market, it could be your worst mistake out there. Therefore, always make the market research before starting. 


After the primary decision of the topic for your Kindle book, now you have to create a unique title and fantastic cover for your kindle book to publish. For the title keep in the mind that you have to must include the keyword in your title. This will help you in the ranking of your book.
Moreover, choose the long titles and include the more keywords in your title. Simply the more, the better. If you create the title by taking care of these things your title will be descriptive and compelling.
Now after the wondrous title, you have to create the cover. If you can work on Photoshop create the cover yourself or else hire a professional graphic designer. 


Now you have to write your book. If you can write well and you enjoy writing do it yourself. Another option is that hire someone to do it for you.  It’s an easy job to write really. You don’t have to write hundreds of pages just 20-30 pages are enough if you want to sell it for$2.99. You can easily write it in a week. The length is not restricted; just your words should be powerful to read. Means to say that your book should be fruitful. Still, if you find it difficult you can hire someone as a writer of your Kindle e-book.Your book should be of high-quality so I can benefit you and your customers. Try to proof-read your text and correct the all possible mistakes and create a great piece of work.After you finished writing, you need to format it for Kindle. Follow the Amazon Kindle Formatting Guidelines and format your book with Microsoft Word.


Now if you followed all the above steps you are now ready to publish your Kindle book. So sign-up for a KDP account and click on the Bookshelf. Click “Add New Title” and then follow the instructions for your Kindle book.
You then have to fill in the book name, book description, and book contributors, to verify your publishing rights, upload your cover, add categories and keywords for your book, and upload your Kindle eBook file. It’s that simple. The most important thing is the description here. Write a clear and concise book descriptions; they can allow you 700 words so use them well. Click on save and publish.


Views hold the high importance for your career on Amazon. Everyone will like to choose a book with good reviews. Most people compare books by reviews. They will buy the book that has most reviews.
There are two types of reviews:  verified and unverified.
Means the verified review is something that means someone bought your book and then they gave you a review. If any review is verified, there will be written “Amazon Verified Purchase” with it.
Unverified review means someone gave you a review without purchasing your book. Reviews will benefit you, but verified reviews are indeed most relevant.
Verified reviews can also help you in the ranking of your Kindle book in the Amazon search.

How do you get 5 stars Amazon Verified Reviews?

The best ways is that give your book to as many audiences as it can be possible. Find the relevant groups on Facebook or other communities that can help you a lot. Click on “Give as a Gift” on your Amazon book page and send it to their email. Also, you can send them your book as a PDF of the book.
You can also join forums related to the key work of your book. You can also tweet people about your book on Twitter.


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3. Submitting Your Kindle Book to Websites
4. Promoting Your Book on Social Media


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