How to earn much Money with a few Customers.

If you want to monetize your customers just keep in mind that you can get extreme satisfaction by applying these methods to make money with a few customers. 

Here are those tricks and secrets.

Do the math:

First sort out how many customers you have that are active? And then calculate the revenue for the year you can earn by your customers. Like, if you sell $2,000 worth of products or services you will be getting millions for a year as your annual revenue. Now if you notice clearly then you will get to know that $2,000 a year is less than $200 a month or $30 per week. Therefore you have to find out your average customer need. In this way, you will be more focused on your business strategy and tactics.
No matter, how much priced your products or services are and how much your current customers are doing math provides you a better way to plan for work.

Customize your offering:

Know the needs and wants of your clients. If you can correctly identify the number of products or services, the game is easy for you. If you can’t, you have to think again and add exciting offers with your products and services to attract your audience.
Add the fun or creative part like create some exclusive deals with your items or services, Create limited special offers for your customers, special offers or products that are available for a short time or even by lottery.  
Or, offer the discounted rates for sales over certain criteria. By giving the gifts and special offers, you can double up your clients. For example, offer the unique gifts for the purchase of some items in a set.
Moreover, consider upsells, just like McDonald’s tactic “would you like fries with that.” Surely, some people will also order fries.

Fill in the gaps:

The reason behind the success of any business is interaction with the customers. Don’t ask for money or purchase too much, instead interact with your customers with an excellent content. This is an effective way to make your customers loyal to you. They will open your emails and offers without feeling any threat.
It’s dependent on the type of your business that which type of interaction you should have with your audience. Give them report about the offline and online educational events, product designers, video content featuring key company executives or even relevant celebrities. Evaluate their comments and suggestions to grow and enhance your business while making the advertisement. 

Remind them.

Remind your customers about the special offers via a phone call, an automated email reminder, or a subscription service, because you can get more purchases in this way. If your offer is for particular period let them know it, remind them to bought it and especially again remind them when it’s about to expire.
For example, if you have laundry service and your user use it after every week, but there is a delay of 1 week, contact them as soon as possible to remind them.

Make it easy to be referred.

If you are earning a handsome amount by your current customers, you can grow your business to even wider area. As we all know that we have people in our personal and professional circle, who are like us. So, use the technique of a great referral incentive. Your customers will do the marketing of your products and services, and you would see a big win for your business.
Make the referrals easy and straightforward so that your business can grow quickly.


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