How to create and sell course on Udemy.

Udemy is the most popular online learning platform where you can teach and learn. This powerful tool was founded by a Turkish guy Eren Bali in 2009. It became popular later on. It is, in fact, an outstanding opportunity where you can learn and earn at the same time. If you want to know how to create and sell a course of udemy, you must have to read this article to find.

For whom the Udemy is?

Udemy is for everyone who wants to create video tutorials on any topic. If you are not familiar with online teaching, then practice it on YouTube first. Then after the praise and positive feedback from audience, you have to shift on udemy. There is no restriction, but you have to learn from the Udemy free course for starters in order to make a useful course. 

What Should You Teach?

Now you have to choose a topic in which you are going to make a video. First, enhance your knowledge about it. You can teach well if you know it well. Moreover, students can ask you question in the discussion forum of the course and you can only answer them if you have in-depth knowledge about it. Choose the topic that has weak competition but the high market. It can be your worst mistake to make the course on a subject that is already successful there. It doesn’t mean that you can’t create a course on the same topic, but I am saying you that then you will have to face stiff competition. Anyways same or distinct item, you have to include the unique and great content to attract your customers.

How to Create a Course?

After the finalization of the topic and keywords research make the course and then make an excellent introduction at last. In this way, you will be able to create an attractive introduction that can let your students know what you are going to teach in the video course. Because if you include introduction first, you will spend a lot of time on it without focusing on the course. That’s why I suggested giving your class primary importance and when you are done with course now review it and add an excellent introduction.

How to Market Your Course?

You are a good teacher and know how to teach, but the marketing of the course is a thing you hate the most. If yes, no worries. I am going to tell you some marketing skills. I said that first engage the audience from the YouTube and tell your subscribers about your udemy courses by providing discounted rates. You can also use Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and other social media sites to promote your udemy courses. Offer your students nice discounts, especially on seasons such as New Year, Black Friday, and Halloween.
When udemy see that students are using your course, they also promote your courses through their super marketing channels like Paid advertising, Email marketing, and business partners. There is another great thing on udemy, and that is you can offer discounted coupons to your current viewers on Udemy using a feature called “Promotional Announcement. “ It can be found in the course dashboard on Udemy. Everything is clear write udemy on Google and go to the site, visit the page, and you will be learning a lot of things using it automatically.
Udemy is perfect for those who work hard, and who create valuable courses.


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