Boost your AdSense earning by implementing page-level Ads.

Google Adsense is a great earning resource for Content Marketers and Bloggers. However, it had been decreased day by day. Now the Adsense team again want to offer publishers to recover its position again. Recently, they introduced a new Ad feature called “Page Level-Ads.” 

What is AdSense Page-Level Ad?

Every user can put three AdSense link ads, three normal AdSense ad units, and two custom Google search according to their policy. Furthermore, they restrict using similar or fixed sticky AdSense ads on their website. If you do that you will be violating their policy and they might block you. Moreover, if you are not stuck, you can’t earn anything from those extra ads. They have certain criteria to check this kind of critical violations. Or else someone can also complain against you.

 You have to get access to AdSense Page-Level Ads Beta program to include ads on your site. After getting access, you can choose from Anchor/Overlay ads & Vignette ads to include. The most important thing about the AdSense page-level ads is that they are specially designed for smartphones, the desktop users can’t get benefit from it. Read the below description about these ads.

Anchor/Overlay Ads:  As they restrict to use fixed Ads but still if you enable Anchor/overlay ads on your site, you can show fixed ad. The ads will be indicated on the bottom of the site, so if the users don’t want to see the ads can scroll down. This can increase your earning by getting more cost-per-click and impression.

Vignette Ads: This ad is known as an exclusive ad because you can’t use it as per general AdSense policy. The reason behind its excellence is that it changes any link to an ad overlay page. If anyone clicks on this ad, it will show full ad. The user has to click on the close button to hide it. The disadvantage is that you can’t choose this type of ads to show on your site. Instead, Google itself decides when and where it should be included in your link.

Sounds confusing? Me too, but both the ad types violet Google AdSense general usage policy. Thus, we can’t blame anyone. These are legit if they include them without your interaction, but you want to include these ads on your link it is illegal, and there is a threat to you.

Do AdSense Page-Level Ads increases the earning?

This is the central question running in your mind so keep reading to know its answer. By using Ads, you will first notice the rise in your CPC and earning, but it can also decline after some time. Sometimes, you can earn without the new AdSense page-level ads. Yeah, the page-level ads can help you to increase the CPC but mostly if all depends on the normal AdSense ad units.

Does it be helpful to have the new AdSense Page-Level Ads?

I can’t say no but it can’t help you get standard revenue. They can help you increase your income and CPC but not too much. The Conclusion is that yes it is needed to have the new AdSense Page-Level Ads enabled on your link to increase your revenue, that’s pretty good.

How to get new AdSense Page-Level ads?

As we discussed it earlier, you can’t include these ads as per your wish. If you are working hard and you does have the legal site and people visit it too often, Google itself add these ads on your account. If Google doesn’t give you invitation about the beta program, all you can do is wait. 



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